Pet-Safe and eco-friendly Christmas tree ornament Hooks

What People Are Saying

What Veterinarians are saying


"Metal hooks in a pets throat area or digestive system can be fatal. Removing a metal hook from an animals system is expensive and recovery can be slow and painful."  SoftHooks  are a sensible alternative to metal hooks, because they turn soft if chewed on or ingested.

What Parents are saying


Love these paper hooks! We have no worries with our kitty (or kids) getting a hold of them and either chewing or swallowing one. They hold all our ornaments up well and instructions were sent on how to size them for the smaller ornament holes.
Bonus is they're practically invisible on our tree! 

What Pet Parents are saying


Softhooks saved my Christmas! I have a new, sweet but curious little puppy who wanted all the balls off the Christmas tree this year! I was so petrified that she was going to eat a metal hook. Bought the Softhooks, they came quickly! I used nail clippers to make them the perfect size, and re-hung the ornaments. Sure enough, she got a ball off the tree and started to eat the hook. It dissolved so quickly and was truly totally safe. I will never have pets/small kids and metal hooks again - only softhooks! You can't beat the price and the peace of mind.