What People Are Saying

What Veterinarians are saying


"Metal hooks in a pets throat area or digestive system can be fatal. Removing a metal hook from an animals system is expensive and recovery can be slow and painful."  SoftHooks  are a sensible alternative to metal hooks, because they turn soft if chewed on or ingested.

What Moms are saying


Mom and Pet Owner   “No matter how hard you try, those metal hooks end up on the floor or in the carpet. They’re hard to find unless you’re a pet, a kid, or a foot. I use SoftHooks because I just don’t want to take a chance of a hard metal hook getting caught in my pet's throat."   Perfect for paper ornaments!

What Wildlife Enthusiasts are saying


String or ribbon is sometimes used to hang ornaments on the tree. When the tree is disposed of some of the string or ribbon can end up in the environment.  Birds may use string in their nest and it could tangle around the baby birds.  This can cause open wounds as the tangle tightens or can restrict movement of the legs or wings.  This can harm or kill the baby or make it more vulnerable to predators.